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I’ve seen gypsies say she looks like she could pass off as being part gypsy or even part black or multiracial Caribbean.Log in to Reply What makes her look part black is her nose.But when Kaylene needs home care, the nurse she hires is none other than the egg donor herself -- and the crazy woman has come to claim "her" babies.A couple hires a live-in nanny to watch the offspring while they work.

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her parents, her siblings and even her grandparents and alleged cousin I saw pics of online all have such prominent noses while Rita’s nose is flat/low bridged (still small though) and wideish at the nostrils. Given her parents and all her relatives she def looks like maybe a throwback gene popped up or an assortment of features led to her looks.With college around the corner he will stop at nothing to clear his name.Kaylene Larsen's dream finally came true: beautiful twins from an in vitro procedure.It’s narrow at the bridge but it’s wide at the edges, flat and has almost no prominent point.

Given pictures of her parents, cousin and siblings she should have a more prominent nose tbh. Other then that I only she “white” or european features.

A mother protects her stepdaughter after the teenager witnesses the murder of her best friend, but is soon forced to come to grips with the terrifying possibility that her stepdaughter may be the real killer.