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19-Nov-2017 07:29

My stats appeared to have been "glitched" since last sunday, July 31st, and there are two different sets of statistics being reported for me.I loaded my stats on Play Overwatch just now and I found that it showed my level being 101.It will then slip to the other side filling with your teams color gaining, thus giving you 2 more points.This process is easy and can get you 4 points in under twenty seconds.No other statistics on the statistics page is getting updated either, which is also preventing me from seeing my updated stats on Overbuff and Masteroverwatch. I'm not sure how Overbuff updates but logging into another region caused it to only update on their site.I think they just use the latest stats regardless of region though. Overbuff and Master Overwatch hasn't updated for 4 days. I suspect it's related to the server issues a few days ago as it only seems to apply to the US server and it coincides with the time it went down.Includes various questions I have been asked as well as the answers. The Weapons of Warhawk: Section 1: Infantry Weapons Section 2: Ground Vehicles Section 3: Turrets Section 4: Warhawk/Nemesis Weapons Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions Section 6: Miscellaneous Note: As with all online games; Information in this guide is subject to change with every patch that is issued to the game.You may or may not know this, but I was a participant in the Warhawk beta.

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It did make a separate EU tab that consolidated all my stats into one day, though that's not all that helpful. My profile is showing I haven't played in 2 days and no games/stats have changed on Play Overwatch or 3rd party sites since then. I would imagine something like that would be straightforward to test and fix, but I guess not everyone is concerned with looking up their stats online.

Mines, of course The best way is to put 2 on the road/entrance by the flag, 1 near the flag, and 1 on the flag.