Arashi dating rumors

13-Sep-2017 13:11

Join μ's on how they interact with the students and teachers of Yumenosaki. It all started when his king showed up at his door with a small bundle of red.“I’m no good with children…Protect him for me instead.”An AU where Izumi trades in his sword for a peaceful retirement, but Leo always finds something to keep him busy.That Koyama gets the trust that it shows the news calmly and communicating with the news program “News Every” (NTV) in the evening.Therefore, he says that Kato is paying attention as a caster.“Sakurai is not going to attend the meeting because of the busy situation, it is troublesome to go to location and that is only announced Monday.Or, Izumi protects his little charge from various rogues, monsters and bugs all while taking the role of his mother.

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They may begin dating once they learn more, but it’s too early to say they’re dating yet.

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