Capricorn man dating lost interest

03-Dec-2017 20:13

You have to be pretty damn sure of your feelings before attempting to date a Capricorn and be sure to tread lightly, otherwise you’re just wasting your time and can lose their interest before you ever really had it.While it can be one of the most frustrating and unpredictable, but also one of the most fulfilling relationships.Relationships are tough – especially a romantic relationship between a man and a woman.You've probably heard about the popular book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. John Gray, wasn't trying to be funny with the title – it's actually a true statement if you consider it from a symbolic perspective.

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Of course, short-term flings or "hookups" are easy, but what about relationships on deeper levels – the ones that really stand the test of time?As the Saturn goat’s potential mate, here are some important things to keep in mind if you have a Capricorn in your life: 1. As careful as they are, they just want to feel special. They’re very careful with their affections, and they won’t throw themselves at just anybody.